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Most people come to us when the wife or husband has just had it with having that old beat up car taking up space, collecting water and attracting mosquitos and pest. Selling your old junk car can free up space to add that new garden you've always wanted or the new swing set for the kids to play in. The money we pay you can go to whatever you choose. So whether you are looking to just get rid of it or you are looking for a way to make some extra cash we got you covered. Give us a call or fill out our form to get a quote. 

Junk Car Towing Chicago
  •  Junk Car/Trucks: We buy cars, trucks, buses, rv's give us a call and we will take care of you.
  •  We Pay Top Dollar: We pay better than our competition
  •  No Title Vehicles: No Problem! We buy them!
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Pay your bills, go out to eat with the family, buy a new TV. The cash is yours! Use it as you please. Same day Cash, It's that easy.
Who is DDL Recycling Inc
DDL Recycling Service knows the  importance of effieciency and the legality in junk car buying in the Chicago, IL Area. Our slogan is "Need Cash?" We will buy your car for CASH - NO TITLE NEEDED." Why go anywhere else? Our experts know how to do it all effieciently, professionally, coveniently and will get you paid fairly.

We buy junk cars without title. In the industry, this is know as being a title less junk car buyer. This is important to note since not all junk car buying companies offer this convenience. Not requiring a title speeds up the entire process and makes it easier to clear any properties of unwanted items. 

Our experts stay attuned to market valuations as a result we have a reputation for paying the highest amount of cash for cars. We know how to inspect junk cars and arrive at reasonable offerings. We can beat out all of our competition, which is something customer love about us. 

Turn to us for junk car recycling in Chicago, not only will you be making money and freeing up space, but you will be helping us with our mission of helping our environment. Call our junk car hauling dispatcher to have one of our trained professionals come and remove the vehicle from any property. Some customers prefer dropping junk cars off at our site, and that is totally fine as well. 

We employ a team of passionate and well-trained individuals who treat all customers like part of our family. For the best experience with junk car selling in Chicago, IL area be sure to rely on the professionals at DDL Recycling Service. Pick up the phone and call today!!

This is How My Car Looks - No Title? NO Problem!
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